Reviews Corner
       "The Spirit of Life Ensemble under the aegis of Jersey City - based percussionist,
       Daoud David Williams, has been a Garden State Jazz gold mine for 30 years. The
       CD "that healin feelin" gathers a wealth of smartly arranged modern mainstream
       composition by many of its members."
CD Review "that healin feelin" Zan Stewarat -Star Ledger - NJ, USA

       "The musicians offer composition & music at the crossroads of African, Latin &
       Afro-American traditions the result is a beautiful example of basic earthy groundwork!"
                                                                  Jazz Hot Magazine, Paris France

"Spirit of Life Ensemble   Ripe and ready a this collective big band (ranging in size from
8 to 17 pieces), is primed for swing, skank and strut worthy of Seventh Avenue South:
This Afrocentric unit ventures  into pop-jazz and reggae styling at times, but make no
mistake, they can hoot 'n' holler like nobody's business!" 
                                       CD Review. "Feel the Spirit"  GK -  Hot House Magazine,  USA

"You certainly helped to expose Louisville audiences to a different form of the
music and left many stunned and excited!  Spirit of Life Ensemble was the hit of the entire
weekend, and that's saying something.  Simply put, this group is fantastic!"
Ken Clay - Director of Cultural Diversity - Kentucky Center for the Arts, Louisville, KY (USA)

"If funkmeister George Clinton had been into Jazz instead of R'n'B funk, his parliament/
Funkadelics might have ended up sounding like Spirit of Life Ensemble: For this is a band 
that can make a party out of any tune, investing it with exuberant rhythms and a joyful sense of
celebration!"                   George Kanzler -   Star Ledger,  USA

"The Spirit of Life  plays with determined jubilation. For all its cheer, this is a disciplined, vital unit!"
                                                                           Gary Giddins - Village Voice, USA

"An inspiring musical montage!"  Akinshiju C. Ola -  Amsterdam News, New York, NY  (USA)

“Latin and African music, underpinned by contemporary arrangements & stunning rhythms
generate the band’s formidable power: Despite the Spirit of Life’s apparent discipline, the band
seems to play with joyous abandon!”   Stuart Troup -  The Villager, USA

"Compelling qualities... A Bundle of talent...There Passion carries the day, Spirit of Life's
musical compass swings widely!"   JazzTimes Magazine, USA

“Few groups can combine straight-ahead Jazz with Latino influences successfully, the
ensemble has done so:" "People, are going to sit up and take notice!" 
                                                 Ben Duncan  -  WBGO Jazz Radio - USA

"The music is a blend of many cultural styles (African, Latin, and Afro-American) with a
predominance of the percussion and/ or the Latin horn writings.  The improvisers are in
the tradition and their solos are excellent!"   Jazz Magazine,  France

"Together with the conceptual, sophisticated Jazz stars one of the brightest groups of the
festival was USA big band 'Spirit of Life Ensemble', playing the real "Black" Jazz, full of
Latin & African rhythms and fantastic arrangements.  The power of the improvisations of
'Spirit of Life Ensemble' stems from their energetic temperament and pulsating/swinging
play!"   Jurate KUCINSKAITE  -  Lietuvos rytas,  Kaunas, Lithuania

"I am convinced that your presence at the Ottawa International Jazz Festival contributed
greatly to the success of this year's event/successful of our fifteen year history: Your  performance
was a knockout and thoroughly enjoyed by the overflow crowd who attended the concert!" 
       Jacques Emond, Program Manager - Le Festival International de Jazz,   Ottawa, Canada