Celebrating 35 Years of Making Music!

 Spirit of Life Ensemble   

The Spirit of Life Ensemble (SOLE) is a musical carnival, mining rhythms all along the U.S.A - Afro Cuban - Brazilian diaspora and beyond.  With   stylish solos and masterful deliverance SOLE sets free much enthusiasm and jubilation... 

SOLE's conceptual sophistication is that of a  Jazz ambassador. The power of SOLE's improvisations is at once rooted in their energetic nature and pulsating sound...

SOLE offers opus and music at the crossroads of the African, Latin and African-American experience. The result is a beautiful example of the Ensemble's compelling qualities, talents and passions.  Yes! The Spirit of Life's Ensembles musical compass is wide...

SOLE's memorable performances are  thoroughly enjoyed by all ages. For they  embody multi-generationalism as well as multi-culturalism. As their name implies, the Ensemble lays down exuberant tapestries of beautiful & densely layered sound!  Owning for a time whatever venue they appear on; leaving their audiences both stunned and excited simultaneously...

It is always a special moments when a group, a venue and, most importantly, the audience combines in celebration. On these precious occasions everything merges; there is no way to separate any part from the whole. The Spirit of Life Ensemble provides these kinds of rare moments all the time.  Enchanting performances when the crowds fall under 
the spell of the enthusiastic 
 Spirit of Life Ensemble....

Energy / Music / Spirit

Spirit of Life Ensemble's 

Newest CD release Entitled
 "Passion & Purpose"

Rise Up Production Label
 2018 - Available thru 
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CD release by  
Spirit of 
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